Best Lipstick Color For Blondes With Blue Eyes

best lipstick color for women with blonde hair blue eyes

The light complexion, the blond hair, and the beautiful blue eyes make a very attractive combination. However, no color tones favor you.

Not all of us have it easy when it comes to choosing makeup. The options can be different depending on your skin type and tone, eye color, etc. In the specific case of blonde girls with blue eyes, they usually have to face the fact that it is not easy to choose a color that makes the usually pale tone of the face stand out.

The difficulty lies in maintaining harmony between the colors chosen and the color of the skin. To find the right ones, you should look at your eyes, facial features, and whether you have freckles, for example. Therefore, we have compiled 5 beauty options for you.

Nude lipstick for blondes

The nude color is a super delicate shade that will give your mouth a softer look, ideal for highlighting light eyes. It is very versatile and lends itself to day or night.

Shades such as beige, salmon, or peach are recommended to accompany a daring outfit. It is also perfect if you plan to accentuate your eye makeup.

Red lipstick for blondes

Sensual, eye-catching, and with blond hair that stands out incredibly. This color is the right one to give more joy to the face. You should keep in mind that the rest of your makeup should be very natural.

Pink lipstick for blondes

Another of the best lipsticks for blondes is pink, which is soft because it makes the hair stand out. It’s a trend color that can accompany any outfit in a casual or elegant way. In addition, this color makes a very striking mix along with your blue eyes.

Purple lipstick for blondes

Very glamorous and elegant. It is a great choice for a casual date or a formal occasion. Also, it is one of the most flattering shades. Plum is a great color within the dark range.

Also, if you are trying to add more volume to your lips, you can opt for a touch of shine or gloss because it gives a feeling of fleshiness.

Coral lipstick for blondes

This shade suits light and dark skins very well, that’s why it’s one of the best lipsticks for blondes.

Preferably you should choose a coral shade but with a slight orange hue. It’s a good alternative to create harmonious and discreet looks for your lips. The rest of the makeup should remain soft, so you don’t look like a clown.

Tips on how to paint your lips with blonde hair

  • The shape of the mouth is another element to take into account when applying make-up. If you have thin lips you should opt to line them with your natural color outside the mouth line taking care not to exceed and fill in with the chosen shade. Look for a lip gloss and avoid very intense shades that will only highlight what you don’t want.

  •  Another trick is to apply gloss to the central area of your lips, this way you will add volume to your mouth (this is a secret that you should also use if you have wrinkled lips). For this same reason, you should avoid matte lipsticks that cause the opposite effect to the one you are looking for.
  •  It has been proven that, visually, you should not use a lighter shade than the color of your eyes. It is something that breaks the harmony of the face with make-up, no matter how good the make-up is.
  •  When you use lipstick, it should be in the same range of shades. Since it is not fashionable nowadays to outline your lips in a darker color and fill them in with a lighter color.
  • Rub your lips with a toothbrush in gentle circular movements; you will improve the texture by removing dead cells and reactivating the circulation of the area.

In short, go for these colors red, pink, nude. As for the mask, black will highlight your look, just like brown or grey. On the other hand, the eyeliner better is grey or brown.

You should not go out of your way to cold tones. Avoid shades that are too cold, so as not to harden your features and age your face. Opt for natural day-to-day makeup. Reserve the most vivid colors for the evenings.

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