Can you braid permed hair?

can you braid perm

If you’re reading this article, then you probably have a few questions about perming hair and whether or not it’s safe to braid said hair. There are a ton of different options when it comes to changing up your hair, but it can come with a cost. Meaning that hair is meant to be taken care of and if it isn’t taken care of, then it can start to break off.

This article will give you insight into whether or not it’s a good idea to braid permed hair and will give an alternative if you decide that it isn’t for you… Keep in mind that all hair is different, so some things might not apply to you.

What is a Perm?

If you’re looking to get a perm, then it’s important to first know what you’re actually getting. A perm is a permanent hairstyle that is set into your hair that can last anywhere from three to six months. And if you’re wondering why it’s called a perm when it’s not actually permanent, then you aren’t the only one.

Anyways, there are a variety of different hairstyles and techniques used to create whatever look you’re going for. The chemicals that are put into your hair can be damaging, if not properly taken care of. Your hairstylist should be able to give you tips on how to manage your hair after getting a perm.

Can You Braid Permed Hair?

This is a tough question and it honestly really depends. First, consider asking your hairstylist for their opinion, because since they’ve been working with your hair, then they probably know it best. If a relaxer was put into your hair, then be extra cautious because relaxers can really weaken your hair so a braid on top of that might not be the best option.

It can be dangerous to put braids in your hair after a perm because your hair could potentially break off. If you choose to braid your hair, then try avoiding tight braids, such as cornrows or microbraids. If you do decide to put braids in, then keep them loose and not in for too long.

Knowing if You Have Weak or Strong Hair

If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to know if you have weak or strong hair, because that will help you determine if braids after a perm are a smart idea, then here are a few tips.

Ask yourself these few questions: Does your hair respond well to moisture? Does your hair shed a lot? Does your hair undergo a lot of breakages? Is it smooth and shiny? If your hair isn’t responding well to moisture, is shedding a lot, is breaking, and isn’t smooth then your hair probably isn’t very healthy.

Relaxer vs. Perm

Relaxers and perms aren’t actually the same thing. Relaxers are used to permanently straighten hair that is tightly coiled while perms do the opposite of adding curl to naturally straight hair.

This is being mentioned to remind you that if you had a relaxer put in your hair, then it might not be a good idea to braid your hair. But again, ask your stylist what their opinion is.

An Alternative

If you’re thinking that your hair isn’t in a good spot to be braided after getting a perm, which again, depends on the type of braid and the condition of your hair, then a braid perm would be something to consider.

Rather than using traditional perm methods, a braid perm is where you have multiple braids (french or dutch) put in, and then a perm solution is added. This perm lasts up to six months and creates a zig-zag type of curl.  

Questions to Ask

How badly do you want your hair braided? Can it wait until the perm is out of your hair and when your hair is in a healthier state? If you want it braided, then would you consider getting a braid perm? If you have weak hair, then what can you do to get it in a healthier state?

Again, it all depends on the condition of your hair. There are hair products that contain protein that can easily strengthen the durability of your hair. Talk to your stylist to get the most insight on what will work best for your hair.

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