Can you use rice water on dreadlocks?

Rice water has been used for hundreds of years, particularly in parts of Asia, to help hair grow. Rice water is said to have many benefits for your hair. In this article, we talk about rice water for dreadlocks. 

About rice water – in short

Rice water is the water left over after draining rice. It is very starchy and commonly used for beauty benefits after being fermented.

Rice water contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals like B1, B3, E, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. 

Benefits of rice water for your hair include (source):

  • Detangling hair
  • Smoothens hair
  • Increase shine
  • Strengthen hair
  • Helps hair grow

rice water on dreadlocks

Rice water can be used to grow dreadlocks and keep the hair healthy. But how does it work? And are there any downsides?

Yes, you can use rice water on dreadlocks. Rice water is full of healthy vitamins and minerals which are very important when it comes to hair, even dreads.

It works best when it has been fermenting for at least 24 hours, ideally even longer. The way it is used varies from person to person, and keep in mind that one method might not work for everyone.

How to make rice water  

How do you make this infamous rice water? Its simple, easy, and the cheapest way to get your hair the way you want it. For every cup of rice you use, you will need to use a cup of water also. Just depending on the length of your hair is how much you will need to make.

You will need to ferment this mixture for at least twelve hours. It is said the longer you let the mixture ferment, the better. But after twenty-four hours you will need to refrigerate, then toss after three days.

2 methods to use ricewater

Making a spray

Some people who use fermented rice water mix it with essential oils to use as a spray. Essential oils can enhance the results of using rice water.

If you choose to use the spray method, you should spray your dreadlocks generously while they are dry, and then cover your head with a shower cap or plastic film and leave for 45 minutes up to one hour. Then, rinse and condition your hair.

Making a rinse

Other people may prefer to use rice water as a rinse, this can also be mixed with essential oils and works slightly differently.

If you choose to use the rinse method, you should use shampoo first, rinse, and then apply the rice water with your hands or a spray bottle before massaging it into your dreadlocks and scalp. Leave for 45 minutes to an hour and then condition and rinse.

Are there any downsides?

Rice water, when fermented for 24 hours, has a slightly unpleasant odor, if left any longer than 24 hours, it smells even more. This can be reduced by adding essential oils to the water before leaving it to ferment.

Strong scents, such as mint or lavender, are best because they mask any unpleasant smells more than weaker scents would, but any essential oils should lower the smell anyway, so just add your favorite.

If you are allergic to the protein, your hair may feel hard or dry after using fermented rice water, because protein is one of the many nutrients found in rice water. To combat this, you can use the rinse method instead of spraying the hair and leaving it in.

Final words

So, in short, can you use rice water on dreadlocks?

Yes! To see clear results from using fermented rice water, you will need to use it regularly. Doing this will result in long, shiny, and healthy dreadlocks. Results vary from person to person, so to find what works best for you, try out different methods until you reach your ideal results.

There are no downsides to using it, it’s affordable, fairly quick, and is easy to use.

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