Can You Use Rice Water on Permed Hair?

Rice water is the water used while cooking rice or leaving it left to soak, It is said that this water contains lots of starch and is used to make your hair shiny, smooth, and even help it grow. The starchy water closes the cuticle down and creates a smooth surface on your hair.

permed hair rice water

The rice water contains vitamins and minerals that males this possible for your hair. Can you use rice water on permed hair?? Yes, you can use it because it will strengthen hair and texture even more. Curly hair is usually dry and brittle, the protein in the rice water will help strengthen and condition it.

About Rice water – in short

Using rice water dates way back many years ago for women who wanted the perfect hair. Women in Japan and China had very long hair back then, and they wanted it to be taken care of. They wanted the length and the color to stay strong, and they give all the credit for that in using the rice water.

Rice water contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals like B1, B3, E, magnesium, manganese, and selenium. 

Benefits of rice water for your hair include (source):

  • Detangling hair
  • Smoothens hair
  • Increase shine
  • Strengthen hair
  • Helps hair grow

How to use rice water for permed hair

If you want to start using the rice water to improve your hair, you don’t need to change anything about your hair washing schedule. if you wash your hair twice a week then you can use the rice water the same amount. You will add the rice water to your hair after you have already washed and conditioned your hair. Make sure you focus mainly on your scalp area and work your way down, and let it sit two to five minutes.

If you are one who suffers from dry scalp you will need to only use this once or twice a week. If you want to see any kind of results in your hair, you will need to continue using it on a schedule. You will see results more than likely within a week. Whether you are using it for growth or strength, you will definitely see results soon.

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How to make rice water  

How do you make this infamous rice water? Its simple, easy, and the cheapest way to get your hair the way you want it. For every cup of rice you use, you will need to use a cup of water also. Just depending on the length of your hair is how much you will need to make.

You will need to ferment this mixture for at least twelve hours. It is said the longer you let the mixture ferment, the better. But after twenty-four hours you will need to refrigerate, then toss after three days.

Once your mixture is ready you will need to add it to a spray bottle. This will make it easier for you to use on your hair.

2 methods to use ricewater

Making a spray

Some people who use fermented rice water mix it with essential oils to use as a spray. If you choose to use the spray method, you should spray your dreadlocks generously while they are dry.

Then cover your head with a shower cap or plastic film. Leave it for 45 minutes up to one hour. Then, rinse and condition your hair.

Making a rinse

Other people may prefer to use rice water as a rinse. If you choose to use the rinse method, you should use shampoo first, rinse, and then apply the rice water with your hands or a spray bottle before massaging it into your dreadlocks and scalp.

Leave for 45 minutes to an hour and then condition and rinse.

Final words

People all over the world spend tons of money on every different hair product they can find. They either want their hair longer, fuller, strengthen curls, or even hide the grey. When all you have to do is go into your kitchen and get rice and add water. All of the online testimonies and stories will definitely want to make you give it a try!

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