Celebrities with an apple body shape

An apple body shape means that well-proportioned body, the shoulders broader than the hips, with a less defined waistline. It can be tricky to style the apple body shape but if you pay attention to the ones who master this kind of body, you will have a wonderful result!

celebrities apple shape body

You can take a look at celebrities with an apple body shape in order to inspire you to take the best styling decisions.

I will present you with a list of these celebrities to help you figure out how you should dress to impress.

Elisabeth Hurley

Liz Hurley it’s one of these celebrities with an apple body shape. She loves to draw attention to her legs and manages quite well to hide her waistline. She always has short dresses on the red carpet, with long heels, a total look that stands out of the crowd and makes you paying attention to her beautiful legs. She’s a true beauty!

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore it’s another example of a beautiful celebrity with an apple body shape. When she wears dresses fitted under her boobs, her total look is a masterpiece. She hides her waistline and draws the attention to her boobs, a trick that helps her look flawlessly and forget about her waistline.

Catherine Zeta Jones

This beauty doesn’t seem to age! Catherine Zeta Jones always looks good and makes a great impression of her styling. She loves to wear prints in the boobs area and this makes her waistline look very thin. A trick you should definitively try if you have an apple body shape.


Adele is beautiful in every size. Adele is committed to an elegant, simple style that favors her body shape. She wears black dresses that hide a small tummy. The little black dress is perfect for every occasion and it’s a must in every woman dressing.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet is an amazing actress you’ll definitely know from the movie Titanic. Kate used to wear halter dresses that flatter the apple body shape. If the dress also has an embroidery on the upper part, the success of the outfit is guaranteed!

Dawn French

Dawn French is a successful British actress, writer, comedian and presenter. What can’t she do? Dawn looks cute wearing tunics with leggings. She has an apple body and wears it proudly, in a lovely manner.

What do we learn from these celebrities with an apple body shape? If you have this shape, you must avoid fitted pieces as they will draw attention to your waistline. You should emphasize your legs, meaning that you can wear short dresses and skirts like Liz Hurley does in order to take the attention away from your mid-section and draw interest to the slim thighs. You should avoid short tops and choose tops that hid the hip area. Also, you should know those skinny jeans will look great on an apple body shape.

Apple shape is beautiful, just like any other body shape! With a little attention and looking for inspiration at the celebrities we’ve talked about in the previous part, you will create a great outfit that will make you look marvelous and feel confident.

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