Celebrities with hourglass shape

Are you curious which hot celeb is turning heads these days? Celebs are known for their glamour and fame but some of them are quickly noticed for their curvy distinct female attributes- yea, we’re talking about the Hollywood bombshells that make men’s jaws drop and women wish they had that body. Here are just some of the most famous celebrities with hourglass body shapes.


Scarlett Johansson

She might have strange tastes in film characters, but this lead actor featured in the live-action “Ghost in the Shell” has won the coveted BAFTA Award and two academy award nominations. Most fans will remember her as Black Widow’ in the “Iron Man 2” film and also featured in “The Prestige”. She is mentioned so often as being the hottest girl in Hollywood- there are few lining up to disagree.

Salma Hayek

With films like “Desperado” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”, she earned her place in film history as being the busty but feisty chick that didn’t back down from a good fight. She earned praise in film roles including Frida Kahlo and Lola from “Americano” where she landed the San Sebastian International Film Award for Best Actress. When you think of Hot Latina, this is the woman that defines the term exactly!

Marilyn Monroe

Hands down, her iconic hourglass figure is the industry standard. Born into the word as Norma Jeane Mortensen she set the silver screen on fire with her big hits such as “Some Like it Hot”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” and “How to Marry a Millionaire”. She had many secrets and was even linked to an affair with US president: John F. Kennedy. Her last film: “The Misfits” shows her acting talent had come full circle from being typecast as a dumb blonde into a very talented acting celebrity.


A talent unto herself and still has time to look awesome doing it! Back in the days when Destiny’s Child was just getting to be noticed, a young Beyoncé was already burning up the music charts as lead singer. She went onto being a film star likewise and appeared in Austin Powers “Gold member”, “Dreamgirls” and even “Obsessed”. Time magazine ranked her as #6 in the list for: “Person of the Year “, in 2016. Black, bold and beautiful is certainly her War Cry!

Jessica Alba

Yes, it’s true that not too many people immediately think of Jessica Alba but then they remember her flawless hourglass body in those “Fantastic Four” films. She was also the lead in the “Dark Angel” series that landed her a golden globe award in 2001. Think about it long enough and your remember her in the smash hit film: “Sin City” as well. Talk about a down to earth gal who has been called the World’s Most Beautiful Woman on the cover of Men’s Health, Vanity Fair, and FHM magazine.


Even though these celebs are gifted with having the perfect hourglass figure, they are all respected members by the Hollywood elite. Likewise, they are all successful in business alike, outside of their acting or singing careers.

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