How Do You Know if Your Bra is too Big?

When was the last time you checked your bra size? Most women would declare just over 20 years! If that loner was so natural! The fact is that your body changes for an incredible duration, which implies that you must reexamine the size of your bra.

We should consider some essential anatomical things with which we have a full agreement as ladies. The fact is that your body is always changing. The chest area and the breasts are the same.

Our body keeps changing

The band size is not the only problem we face. In general, (young) women change shape each month as they experience the female cycle.

Of course, pregnancy and breastfeeding your baby will also change the shape and size of your breasts. 

And of course, the biggest change of all, our body’s age with time. This increases the mileage on Cooper’s tendons that support young women. As the tendons stretch, our breasts will hang lower and really change a piece’s shape. At the moment this happens, the bra you wore in your twenties will basically not cut it.

Signs your bra is too big for you

The size of the band may be excessively small. Signs of this would be punctured inside your arm when wearing underwired bras. This happens because the bra is too tight and the outer edge is pulled. As it is pulled, the rings will curl in general, which turns the spotlights into small spears. In case you encounter this, increasing the size of a band can improve things significantly.

A lot of women wear an inappropriate bra size. This can cause chest distress, shoulder pain, brain pain, neck pain, and punctures. So if you struggle with these signals, it might be your bra who is causing it! 

When a bra is too big, the cups will show a gap where you can see your breasts and sometimes even your nipples! This can also mean that your bra is very cheap and stiff, so it doesn’t form to your breasts. 

What is my bra size?

Wear your best-fitting, non-padded bra. Wrap the tape measure around your back and bring the sizes to the front, right below the bra. The tape should hug your body, but not be too tight. Write down the measurement. 

Now, measure around the fullest size of your breasts (on the nipples). The tape should not be too loose and not too tight. Write down the measurement.  

Bust measurement – band size = cup size

< 1  =  AA
1  =  A
2  =  B
3  =  C
4  =  D
5  =  DD/E
6  =  DDD/F
7  =  DDDD/G
8  =  H

Tips to pick the right size

  • The moment you stab a bra, make sure you feel great with it. 
  • Please keep in mind that bra size is not universal. Always try out different bra brands, models, and pick a size bigger or smaller to try on. For example, in theory, my bra size is 75B. But as it turns out, a 70C fits me way better. 
  • Make sure the eyelashes do not wear your skin and that the texture is delicate on your skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin that does not respond well with more unpleasant textures.
  • When trying it on, do some stretching and turn your body into several situations to make sure the bra stays tight and feels great, regardless of the action you are taking. 
  • Make sure your breasts remain in the cups. Know if they are spilling or not. Take a look at the texture and make sure it doesn’t wrinkle. In the case that it is, at that moment the bra itself may be excessively free, in this sense it will not give you the necessary help your chest needs.
  • In general terms, the large bra should allow your breasts to ‘sit’ in them calmly. The rings should not delve into your skin, nor the eyelashes if they are composed. 

Final words

Finding the right fit might feel like a big struggle. So if you find the right bra, you wore it for a few days and you are still happy with it, run back to the store and buy one or two more! 😉 

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