How Often Should I Wash My Clothes?

how often should i wash my clothes

How often should I wash my clothes? That depends on a lot of factors. The fabric type, your activity level, the piece of clothing, the fabric type, the weather, and how much you sweat are some of the most significant considerations.

If you wear your clothes once and then clean them, it is time you re-evaluate that routine. Some clothes must be cleaned after a single wear to prevent bacteria from growing, while others may benefit from being worn multiple times. But even though there are no hand and fast rules when it comes to how frequently you should wash your clothes, there are accepted guidelines.

Observing these guidelines can help prolong the lifespan of your clothes and also help you conserve energy and water. So, if you are wondering how often you need to wash your clothes, here is a guide:

Underwear, socks, and bras

No one expects you to do laundry each day, but you should wash your underwear after one wear. Wearing a pair of socks or boxers twice without washing is very unhygienic.

Camisoles absorb your sweat and body oils and thus require frequent washing to get rid of bacteria so that they can continue to smell fresh.

The one exception is bras, these need to be washed after 3-4 wears. Cleaning a bra many times will make it lose elasticity.

Whites and silks need to be cleaned often to prevent discoloration if you are looking to brighten them and avoid stubborn stains.


We all love wearing jeans, but one thing we hate is washing our jeans. They fade and wear thin after too many cleaning cycles. They are never the same afterward. 

They should be washed after 6-7 wears. If you are wearing the same jean daily, then clean it after a week. 

Sweaters, Cardigans, and hoodies 

Unless you spill something on them, long-sleeve staples that you wear over other tops don’t need to be washed as often. This is due to the degrees of separation from your skin and body oils.

Sweaters and cardigans can generally last for 5-7 wears before you need to wash them.

Skirts, pants, and t-shirts

If you’re putting on skirts, pants, t-shirts during work hours only, then you don’t have to worry about a frequent wash.

But, if you continue to wear them into your evening activities, they only need 3-4 wearings before a wash. After wearing a T-shirt for several hours in the summer, you’ll find that wearing it a second time isn’t a very pleasant thought and it might need a wash after 1-2 wears.

Should I wash Yoga Pants, Leggings, or Gym Wear after every use?

It is obvious that you need to wash your gym wear after every time you use them. If you have a sense of hygiene, and go to the gym regularly, invest in 2-3 different outfits.

To minimize the amount of laundry, you need to have enough gym wear for your daily use. Leggings can be washed after 1-3 wears if you are wearing them for leisure purposes, but this will depend on how much your body has been sweating.

how often wash bras

Jackets and Coats

Raincoats and leather jackets don’t need much washing. The same applies to thicker winter jackets. You can wash your coats and jackets but only once or twice in a season.

Coats and jackets are worn one or two layers, so the possibility of them producing a bad smell is minimal. But, like any other item, wash them the soonest in case of any liquids or spillages on them.

Pajamas and Sleepwear

We tend to think that just because we are not moving around, we don’t sweat a lot in our sleepwear. Pajamas can last a few nights because you are inactive in your sleep, though they need to be washed often too.

They need to be cleaned as much often as sweaters and bras around 3-4 wears.

Final word

So, how often should I wash my clothes? Now that you are aware of how often your clothes need to be washed, you can reduce unnecessary laundry loads and save money on water and washing powder, as well!

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