How to Cover a Hickey in the Summer

How to cover hickey in the summer

So you need to know how to hide a hickey in the summer? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. There’s no reason to be ashamed, none at all. It may seem like the most embarrassing thing in the world right now but we guarantee that with a little time you will look back on this whole ordeal and laugh.

Either way, there are ways to conceal a hickey, even in the summer. In this article, we will go through a few of the more obvious ways as well as a few of the more unique ones.

Ultimately with hickeys, it’s all about the do’s and dont’s, so let’s jump right in!

First of all, it’s important to make a note of why covering a hickey in summer is different than any other season. The easiest way to cover a hickey, and I’m sure you know this already, is to simply cover it up. In fall, winter, or even spring you can very easily get away with a cute turtleneck or sweater that covers most, if not all of your neck.

Unfortunately, that just won’t fly in the summertime. In fact, wearing an article of clothing like that will just make you stand out and draw more attention to what you’re trying to hide! Avoid bulky or wintry clothes at all costs. There are better ways more suited for summer coverage.

Go with accessories

You can still cover it up! Just go with an accessory rather than a bulky piece of clothing. Maybe a choker necklace, or even a light silky scarf. Either of these wouldn’t look the least bit out of place in the midst of summer and, depending on the location of the hickey on your neck, should cover you up just fine.

Get creative! Take a look through your own accessories for ideas of what you can use. Just remember, keep it summery and don’t make it obvious! The most attention you draw to your neck the worse off you will be!

Use makeup

Of course, you can always use a little makeup to cover up your smaller hickeys. I’ve found that a little concealer will usually do the trick.

But if I’m feeling especially self-conscious I’ll generally go with a touch of foundation as well. Between those two you really shouldn’t have any problems!

Toothbrush massage

These are all fairly simple solutions to an obvious problem, so we want to go in a different direction for a minute. I’ve personally discovered what I find to be the best way of removing a hickey altogether!

You see, summer or winter if you take a very soft-bristled toothbrush and very gently massage the affected area in small circular motions the blood flow will begin to normalize around your hickey and it will start to disappear before your very eyes. Just be sure to be gentle! Too firm and you risk making that hickey worse.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list of ways you can cover a hickey in the summer, we hope it helps. There’s always another way to try but in our experience, we’ve found these to be the most helpful. Just remember, there’s no need to be embarrassed! Everyone’s been there and chances are, they remember it fondly.

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