How to Cover a Hickey Without Makeup

how to cover a hickey without makeup

Regardless of when you got your most recent hickey, it’s most likely that you will have more hickeys throughout your life. You might not always have make-up on hand to cover them You could find yourself asking “How To Cover Up A Hickey Without Makeup?”

Make-Up might be the best way but the following strategies are for people who recognize them at the last moment, or you don’t want everyone drawing attention to it. There are many different ways to cover up a hickey which will be discussed below:

Covering It With A Scarf

On any day where it happens to be cold or windy outside, then wearing a scarf is the best way to go. This strategy will especially work during the fall because if your scarf has a pattern of something that represents Fall then that you might be classified as someone who likes Fall.

Wearing A Choker

This will only work in some situations depending on the size of the hickey and depending on if the choker covers it when you put it on. Put on the choker then look in the mirror.

If the hickey can no longer be seen then you can wear the choker. No one will draw attention to the choker since those are a big deal in terms of fashion.

Using A Band-Aid

Many people use Band-Aids to cover something other than cuts. Put a Band-Aid over it then if anyone asks: Reply back that a mosquito bit you and the band-aid is the only way to stop scratching which would irritate any mosquito bite.

Wearing A Shirt With A Collar

This strategy will draw the least attention of all. Some shirts that have a collar can be all you need if the hickey is in a spot that your shirt collar will cover.

Wear A Towel Around Your Neck

If it’s a really hot day then you could wear a towel around your neck. A dry towel could be to wipe away excess sweat or your towel could be cold and wet to keep you cool during a day that classifies as a heatwave.

Those could be the reasons you give and no one will give a second thought to the possibility of you hiding something with that towel.

Wearing Necklaces

Depending on where the hickey is, you might be able to cover it up with some jewelry. Dress up like you have a night out planned after work and no one will second guess why you are wearing jewelry around your neck.

The only drawback to this strategy is if its jewelry people haven’t seen before, a lot of people will be looking around your neck.

Wear Your Hair Down

If you happen to have long hair then you could just let your hair hang down to cover your neck. It won’t be an appealing option on days that are very hot but it will keep your hickey hidden from everyone and avoid that being the gossip of the day around your work.

Let Your Facial Hair Grow

This is a strategy most men can try. There are some ideas above that men can try but there are more options for a woman to cover a hickey without raising suspicion.

So if men discover that they have a hickey and they don’t want to draw attention to it, they could stop shaving and let their facial hair cover the hickey. This might make a man sweat more but you will have succeeded in hiding a hickey.

Be Creative

You could use temporary tattoos or glitter to cover a hickey. You could even place temporary tattoos around the hickey and try to make an art project out of it. You could use glitter and cover the hickey.

If anyone asks, you can just say that you were letting your creative side out but the drawback to this strategy is the hickey won’t be covered if you place temporary tattoos around it. Also, anything creative will draw more attention to the hickey instead of hiding it.

Above are the things you can try if you discover you have a hickey and you don’t have any make-up lying around. A turtleneck won’t always be the best option especially if it’s a warm day.

So if you don’t have time to get rid of it and covering it up before you leave is your only option, then you might want to see what option described above works best for you.

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