How To Hide Stomach Fat in a Tight Shirt


The question of the right and effective way of hiding stomach fat is an important source of concern for a lot of people and has become tantamount that answers be provided to the question.

People with stomach fat, a lot of times find it hard to make decisions on the particular type of dress they should purchase for the fear of the dress being ill-fitting. If you are one of such people, then you will find this piece useful as it addresses the ways in which you can successfully hide the fat in your stomach in tight shirts and look beautiful in your fitting dress.

While a lot of people will advise that you address your stomach fat by exercises and daily workout, we realize that you need to look good even before the result of your workout or exercise routine becomes manifest, and we have compiled for you, methods you can employ to get just this.


Shapewear is not a new phenomenon and they are a great and recommendable way to hide your stomach fats. What shapewear does is to create the illusion of a perfect stomach by tucking the extra fats firmly behind the underwear, giving you the needed space to flaunt your tightfitting dress and look beautiful in it.

Shapewear comes in different variants and sizes and you are sure to get the one just for you.

Not too tight

We all love dresses and clothes that are tightfitting, they help us look and stay beautiful. If you have a considerable amount of body fat however, it is advisable that you wear dresses that are not too tight. You can wear fitted dresses and hide your stomach fat behind the various shape giving underwear that is available but avoid skin-tight dresses as much as possible.

Wearing fitted dresses that are not skin tight will make your stomach fat unobvious behind your shapewear but wearing a skin-tight dress might expose a bumpy stomach that the shapewear couldn’t entirely conceal.

Wear dark colors

Dark color dresses create an illusion of perfection and this is why you should use it to your advantage. When you step out in your tight black dress with your stomach fat considerably hidden behind the shape giving underwear, attention will further be taken away for your stomach and the stomach fat.

Black dresses direct attention away from your stomach and spreads it to every other part of your gorgeous body, giving you just what you need to look beautiful.

Wear high waisted jeans

Jeans with a high waist are the perfect place to hide a little bit of stomach fat. If you wear jeans with a low waist the fat tends to fall over the edge which creates a “muffin top” effect.

Even if you have a very flat stomach with little fat, this will happen with low waisted jeans. So buy those mom jeans, it will look super cute with that tight shirt tucked into it! 

Make use of Layering

It’s cool that you now have an idea about how to wear a tightfitting dress and successfully hide your stomach fat. There are days where you don’t want to wear a black dress or wear a little loose dress for a change, what you can also do to look good in tight dresses is by layering it up.

This means that you accentuate your dressing with another layer of clothing. For example, you can wear a round neck T-shirt and layer it with a denim jacket, or other combinations like tank tops and plaid overshirts, shirts and blazer, etc. this combination and layering of your dress will take the hide your stomach fat and take attention away from it.

Ruffle tiptop shirts

This dress idea is also an illusion of creating an idea that is worthy of being tried. Ruffle tip-top shirts are usually fitted but not skin-tight. The design and aesthetics of ruffle tip-top shirts make them advisable and efficient for hiding stomach fat. They are designed in a way that takes the attention away from your stomach and directs it to the arms, the design, and other parts of the body.

Asides these mentioned tricks, there are also other ideas that can help you hide your stomach fat behind your dresses such as loose tops, t-shirts, and tunics, clothes longer than the knee-length, skirts, cardigans, vertically striped dresses, pleated skirts, regular-sized shirts paired with slim-trousers, flowing and wavy long dresses, and so on.

All these dress ideas have been employed by a lot of people that have been concerned just as you are by their stomach fat and sought for ways to address it, and we believe that these ideas will also help you achieve your dream of looking good in whatever dress you want to wear and taking away your stomach fat worry.

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