How To Make Your Eyes Look Lighter?

Many factors could cause the human eyes to become darker. The sun rays, age, and atmosphere are just a few of the many. Here are the best ways on how to make your eyes look lighter and better than before.


Use concealer

Nowadays, there are millions of makeup brands that offer a variety of concealers for different skin tones. If you want to keep your eyes lighter, make sure you don’t use liquid foundation or powder around the eye area as that could have a reverse effect. The best way to get rid of the dark circles and spots is by using a concealer that contains yellow or pink undertones.

Focus on the eye color

Eyeshadows are perfect for adding contrast to the eye area. They can quickly make them pop by accentuating your eye color. Here are some specific colors for different eye colors.

  • If you have brown eyes make sure to use some of the neutral tints – salmon, silver, or gold.
  • For the blue-eyed people, warm colors work great. The perfect tones are terracotta brown, deep grey and bronze.
  • Green eyes work best with purple hues such as mauve and violet.
  • As for the hazel-eyed people, a mix of purple and neutral colors work best.

Volumize and lengthen your eyelashes

Another trick that can bring out the eyes and make them look lighter is applying two coats of your Mascara on both lashes (upper and lower). That way you can not only volumize but lengthen them. If you want to make them look even more dramatic try using a clear Mascara as both base and finishing coat and don’t forget to curl this for an extra effect.

Shape your eyebrows

The eyebrows are another way to keep the eyes lighter and brighter. People who have arched and neatly groomed eyebrows are the perfect examples for light eyes. You can clean up the area by removing brows both above and below by using tweezers. Make sure to not overuse the product as you can overpluck and make the brows lose their shape. Shaping the eyebrows can happen with many pencils so pick one that matches the color of your brow hairs.

Lighten the waterline

Dark eyeliners are perfect for a good makeup look, although they’re not so great if you are trying to make your eyes look brighter. Try a lavender, gold, bronze, or green eyeliner instead of brown or black and you will see a huge difference in the eye area. Any of the four colors could brighten and lighten the area by making the eyes look a lot more smaller than they usually do with a black/brown eyeliner applied.

Try a white eye-line product

Pure white eye-line products such as eyeliners are perfect for awaken eyes. Snow white colors are great for waterlines and inner corners of peepers. If you want to make sure it doesn’t appear too stark, try to slightly blend it over. It also looks a lot more fierce than a black cat-eye.

Add shimmer and sparkles

Shimmer can be exciting, however, don’t overuse it. You can try either a shimmering eyeshadow or good highlighter by applying them to the eyes’ inner corner. It’s best to pick a color that will work best with your specific skin tone. If you use the product only on the eye area, it will make them look not only brighter but bigger as well.

Besides using makeup products, there are other ways to keep the eyes lighter. If you are wondering how to make your eyes looks lighter, you can use products like potatoes or cucumbers around the area. Two slices of any of these vegetables go a long way. Potatoes have a huge amount of starch, vitamin C, and enzymes that are great for nourishing the skin tone.

On the other hand, cucumber can reduce puffiness as they have a very anti-inflammatory effect on the eye area. Since they are made of 95% water, the cucumbers can hydrate the skin and decrease the blood flows that can space around the eye area. With any of the vegetables or above-mentioned makeup products, you have plenty of options to get rid of dark circles, puffiness or irritation around your eyes.

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