How to Make Your Forehead Look Bigger

how to make forehead look bigger

The forehead is the prominent part of the face and therefore impacts beauty and hence confidence of a person. Some people have a small forehead that makes their faces look bigger than normal. This makes their appearance less attractive and lowers their self-confidence.

Girls mostly have such issues and look for the remedies all over. How to makes it bigger and presentable is a serious issue for these people. This article discusses some simple tips to make your forehead look bigger and better for both men and women.

Change your hairline

The first and most basic step is to shave the hairline a little back. This makes the forehead a little bigger while the hairline is not compromised to a meaningful extent. This is the easiest and most effective way to get a better shape of the forehead.

Another option is to retract the sideline. This increases the width of the forehead. The real application is that this sideline can be retracted at a good distance of 3-4 cm.

Both these cuts need to be professional so as to make it a perfect style rather than a defective haircut therefore choosing an experienced barber for the job is necessary to avoid the risk of an absurd look.

The least option for men is also available to shave your head completely. Although it makes the forehead look bigger, a bald head itself is not acceptable to some people. 

Change your hairstyle

One hairstyle has a good influence on the appearance of the forehead. Some people throw their hair in front of their eyes. This hides most part of their foreheads.

Backcombing is highly recommended to expose the forehead. Deep side partying and a bob haircut are also helpful in making your forehead look somewhat bigger.

Change your eyebrows

As we know forehead is located between the eyebrows and scalp hair, the narrowing of eyebrows also makes the forehead a little bigger.

A narrow and below-placed eyebrows can increase the area to up to 1-3 cm so the thinner the eyebrows are the greater is the forehead. This is a considerable area for people with a smaller forehead.

Change your makeup

Makeup can have a huge effect on your looks. The tip is to keep the forehead brighter than the face. Using a glitter substance on the forehead and a litter dulls make up for face makes the forehead prominent and thus bigger.

Plastic surgery

This option is perhaps somewhat extreme. The aim of this surgery is to place a non-allergenic piece of plastic behind the skin of the forehead. The plastic can also be placed behind the anterior part of the hairline. This nulls the hair with the need for shaving them.

This makes the forehead prominent than other parts of the face and thus the forehead appears bigger. However, this option should opt-in serious cases only. For example, when hereditarily extra small head is acquired, plastic surgery is a good option.

These simple tips are doable for both males and females. However, the makeup tip favors women more. If the forehead is only millimeters short of average than the hairstyles can cover for it. But in extreme shortage haircutting and surgery can be opted.

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