How to Style Beige Pants?

how to style beige pants

Beige pants are a nice alternative to the standard black or blue jeans. Beige pants are often worn in the spring or summer, but you can wear it all year round if you style it right! 

In this article, we show you six ways to style beige pants in a cute, fun or cool way. 

1. Beige pants and a blue shirt

Our first option is to style your beige pants with a blue or denim shirt. This makes you look very casual, but you could also wear this to work. Style it with a pair of cool, white sneakers to finish the look. 

Blouse: Levi’s, Sneakers: Puma, Pants: H&M

beige pants blue shirt white sneakers

2. Beige pants with white or cream top

Personally, I love this combination. A pair of beige pants combined with a crème or white top. Pick a T-shirt or sweatshirt for a casual look, or a blouse or sweater for a more sophisticated look. The last option is also very suitable to wear to work. 

Sweater: Mango, Sneakers: Manfield, Pants: H&M

3. Beige pants and a black top

Beige pants look amazing when styled with a black top. This is a great look for fall or winter. You can either pick a black T-shirt, blouse or sweater. 

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can style the pants with a black t-shirt, high heels, and a black blazer. Now add a nice, little black designer bag and you’ll get into any chic club or restaurant. 

Blazer: H&M, Pants: H&M, Bag: Sascha, Shoes: Steve Madden


4. Beige pants and khaki top

Khaki (army green or olive green) is a very popular color right now. This color looks amazing with beige and creates a very serene look. 

You can create a very cool and casual look by combining your beige pants with an army green hoodie and sneakers or some cool boots.

Looking for a business outfit? Combine the pants with high heels and a khaki blouse or a classy looking jumper. 

Hoodie: H&M, Pants: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Dr. Martens


5. French outfit

Maybe not your first thought when you think about beige pants, but they look super cute when you combine them with a striped shirt. Add a pair of loafers and a scarf to complete the whole ‘French vibe’ look. I love this one, especially during spring for some reason..

Top: GAP, Pants: H&M, Shoes: Massimo Dutti


6. Beige pants and pastels

I love love love this combination and wear this myself all the time. Beige and pastel colors like lilac, light yellow, blush, and mint make a good spring outfit! 

Finish the look with white sneakers for a fresh and sporty feel. You can also choose sandals or heels for a more feminine and sophisticated look. 

Sweater: EDITED, Pants: H&M, Sneakers: Reebok


Which shoes go with beige pants?

White sneakers are a great combination with beige pants. They make the look fresh and sporty. 

Brown or “cognac” shoes are also a good option. Brown, lace boots, for example, make the outfit casual. Brown sandals or heels make your outfit very chic. 

Black shoes are a good option in combination with a black top or jacket. You can make this combination sophisticated with black pumps and a black blouse, or cool with black sneakers and a black, leather jacket. 

Red or marine shoes are also a good option if you go for the whole “French girl” look! 🙂 

Final word

So, beige pants are easier to style than you might have thought upfront. They are super cute with army green, white and neutrals, black, and pastels. A pair of beige pants is always a good idea! 


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