How to Style Cowboy Boots?


We are loving the cowboy boot trend right now! Back in the days, these boots were mainly practical. But since the 40s they’ve been in and out of fashion. These days, they are back in style! But how do you style cowboy boots fashionable? In this article, I’ll give you some inspiration!

  1. Preppy cowboy


Our first look is “preppy cowboy”. This look is sophisticated, but cool. A bold outfit for business meetings. Style a pair of black, high cowboy boots with a pair of basic or mom jeans, a casual white blouse and a checked blazer. Finish the look with a cute black shoulder bag ét voila!

Do you find the high boots a bit too much for a casual business look? Opt for an ankle boot or a beige pair of boots. The beige pair also makes the whole look a bit “softer”, which is perfect for fall or spring. 

2. Girly cowboy

how to style cowboy boots girly

The second look is more feminine, but not too gooey. These short cowboy boots are cool, stylish, feminine and business appropriate. 

Combine these boots with a cute all-over print dress. If the weather is getting colder or you have a business meeting, you simply put on a black blazer. 

The small, silver clutch makes the outfit a bit more flashy. The silver also matches the details on the boots. This way, your outfit is perfectly styled!

3. Retro cowboy

how to style white cowboy boots retro

I love, love, love this look! White cowboy boots are perfect for a retro look. Pick retro colors for your outfit such as lila, ocher yellow or rust brown or red. 

This outfit contains a faux suède brown skirt, a warm, knitted sweater and high off-white cowboy boots with crocodile print and a black heel. Finish the look with some matching accessories. 

4. Biker chick

how to style cowboy boots cool biker

Are you a though (biker) chick and do you want to create a cool look with your cowboy boots? Combine them with a cool pair of grey jeans, a black shirt and a leather biker jacket. You can’t go wrong with this outfit!

If you want to make this look slightly more feminine, choose a pair for boots with heels. Or exchange the turtle neck for a beautiful white or light pink chiffon blouse. 

5. Cowgirl all the way

cowboy boots look style combine

Are you looking for a 100% cowgirl look? Pick brown boots with a buckle and combine them with a basic pair of jeans, a simple shirt and a checked, oversized blouse. 

These are 5 cute combinations with cowboy boots. I hope I’ve given you loads of tips and inspiration! 

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