How to wear a dress in winter?

how to style dress in winter

Did you buy a super cute dress in the spring or summer and do you want to keep wearing it this fall and winter? But are you always cold (like me)? In that case, you’ll need some tips on how to wear your dress in winter. Keep reading!

  1. Overknee boots

dress in winter overknee boots

I love to combine a dress with a pair of pretty, overknee boots during the winter. These boots know how to keep your legs warm. And they make you look super stylish!

Combine your dress with a small, cute belt and a pair of black suède, overknee boots. Finish your look with a small, black shoulder bag. Et voila, you look classy and feminine. 

2. Long cardigan

how to wear a dress in winter

This is perhaps a more obvious solution to wear your dress during the winter: Put on a warm cardigan in a long model. Pick a color that compliments your dress. 

This army green dress with beige/black floral print is combined with a long, beige cardigan and a pair of black, suède ankle boots. 

Finish the look with a cute necklace and a matching bag. The perfect outfit for a lot of different settings. If you have a business meeting, you simply take off your cardigan and you are ready to go!

3. A blazer

jurk in winter

Using a blazer, you can easily upgrade your dress to a business chic winter outfit. If you have a dress with a print, throw on a unicolor blazer. With a simple black dress, you can go more bold in your choice of blazer. This super cute blazer with leopard print for example is perfect for this little black dress. 

Combine with Dr. Martens to make this outfit less girly. If you like your outfit girly, pick ankle boots with a heel or overknee boots. 

4. Biker jacket

dress in the winter biker jacket cowboy  boots

For this look, we combined a cool, olive green dress with leopard print with a Goosecraft leather biker jacket and a pair of high, black cowboy boots with crocodile print. 

Finish the look with a cute, black or olive green bag and an amazing and mysterious scent. Ready to go!

Other tips

If you don’t want to put on a jacket or cardigan, read the tips below. 

  • Scarf: Wear a beautiful, warm scarf around your neck.
  • Thermal underwear: I know, your not on your snowboard, but trust me.. you’ll thank me later. 
  • Thermal pantyhose
  • Longsleeve: A longsleeve is super cute under a slip dress. Such a nineties vibe. 
  • Cycling shorts: If you wear a slightly longer dress, you can easily pull of a pair of cycling shorts. These will keep your upper legs nice and warm.
  • Maxi dress: Not only will a maxi dress protect you from bare legs, but you can also secretly wear tons of clothes underneath the dress!

Hopefully, I’ve given you a lot of tips and inspiration on how to wear your dress in winter. I’ve used a lot of dark colors in these moodboards, but offcourse you can also wear your light and colorful summerdresses. Just pick colors that will match your dress. 

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