How to wear red lipstick?

how to wear red lipstick

How many have put red lipstick on, felt great, but then suddenly felt too self-conscious and uncomfortable to wear it outside? Well, you are not alone. Red lipstick is classic, elegant, and versatile. It can add a bit of sex appeal to all of your outfits, but sometimes it can look a bit much.

To know what to do and what not to when wearing it, we prepared the ultimate essential guide about how to wear red lipstick.

Dos and Donts of Wearing Red Lipstick

While everyone can (and should, especially for night occasions) wear red lipstick, there are some tips you should stick to for most stunning results.

Don’t Forget About Lighting – It does make an effect! For your nights out, wear bolder colors to make your features stand out, while when you decide to wear your lipstick outdoors during the daytime, pick softer shades.

Don’t Choose deep reds for thin lips – The idea about wearing lipstick is feeling great with it. Thin lips won’t do go with deep shades because they tend to look smaller.

Don’t Use Excessive Eye-Makeup – Wearing red lipstick can be quite a statement. Avoid overdoing it with too much makeup, but pair your lipstick with a little mascara and maybe a red shadow.

Be Precise– No matter how you decide to apply your lipstick, whether with a brush or straight from the tube: you’ll need to be precise. If not, the result will be an unattractive mess that will make you hate lipsticks. Remember that you can prevent “bleeding” by applying some concealer around your mouth.

Experiment with different textures – have fun with your make up and be creative. There are several options to choose from: playing around will help you feel more confident.

wear-red-lipstick dark skin black

Don’t forget to match your outfit!

It can be a good idea to think about what you are wearing when you decide to put on red lipstick. A bold lipstick looks gorgeous on an all-black outfit and looks better with no eye makeup. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear red, try to clash your clothing with a different tone to avoid looking too matchy-matchy.

For a casual look, put on your red lipstick, throw your hair into a messy bun, and wear your favorite boyfriend jeans. For a more elegant choice, pair your lipstick with a bit of mascara and select a cute dress.

The right shade of red for your skintone

With so many varieties and options to choose from when it comes to red lipstick, selecting one might be intimidating.

You should choose one that goes well with your skin tone. Here’s what you should know before digging into all the shades of red.

Dark skins are great for intense colors. Deep reds and reds with blue undertones look amazing on deeper shades.

For olive skin, choose yellow or orange-based reds, more towards coral and poppy. Avoid fuchsia and cooler undertones as they won’t look as good.

Medium skin tones are the most versatile when it comes to choosing the perfect red lipstick. Both warm and colder reds are fine: use your creativity and experiment!

Light and fair skins go better with cool reds and berry ones, which will make your teeth look wither and complement the natural flush tone the skin has.

What are you waiting for? Put into practice the tips provided into this “how to wear red lipstick” guide and smash it!

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