Jade or Rose Quartz Roller for Face Massage

jade roller for face massage

The beauty scene has a new favorite: the jade roller. From Kendall Jenner to Lauren Conrad, everyone is hooked on this pretty tool. I bet you’ve seen them on Facebook or Instagram. 

The jade or rose quartz roller might look pretty and interesting, but not a lot of people know how this little tool works. In this article, I’ll tell you what a massage roller is and what the benefits are. 

What is a jade or rose quartz roller?

A jade roller is a small facial massage tool, made with a green semi-precious stone called jade. Because of the sudden popularity of this item, the roller is also being made with other stones like rose quartz or amethyst. 

In China, this product has been used for centuries. Some even claim that Empress Dowager Cixi of China used the beauty tool. The Chinese claim that a jade roller does not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also provides “positive chi”. Jade is said to heal and clean your energy field. 

It is not clear why this century-old beauty tool is such a huge hit in Europe and America all of a sudden. The tool is used by women all over the world these days. 

What does a jade roller do for your skin?

A jade or rose quartz roller is used to massage your face. Massaging your face on a regular basis has a few benefits:

  • Stimulates the production of collagen

    Collagen is a substance that ensures that your skin remains smooth and elastic. The older we get, the less collagen our skin produces. This gives wrinkles more and more free rein. Regularly massaging your face is said to boost collagen production. 

Experts say you shouldn’t expect too much from it, though, as this boost would be minimal. So don’t expect this roller to make you look ten years younger in a few days. But combine this with a good serum and day cream and the results might be satisfying. 

  • Might reduce wrinkles

In Asia women firmly believe in the power of a good facial massage. Giving yourself (or someone else) a facial massage on a regular basis is believed to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming. 

However, it will not remove wrinkles permanently. Once you stop massaging your face, the wrinkles will come back. 

You can give yourself a facial massage with your fingers, or by using the jade roller. A nice extra is that the cool stone cools and relaxes your face. How you use the jade roller for facial massages is explained in the next paragraph. 

  • Reduces puffiness

Do you often wake up with puffy eyes? The jade roller might be a solution! The cool stone, in combination with the massaging motion, makes the puffiness disappear faster. The stone also gives a nice and fresh feeling. What a way to wake up! 

  • Reduces redness

A jade roller can also provide immediate relief for redness on the face. It cools and soothes the skin, and therefore reduces redness. 

  • Massages cream and serum deeper into the skin

You can use the jade roller to massage cream or serum into your face. The roller will help the product to penetrate deeper into the skin. Therefore the product can work more effectively. 

 How you massage your cream or serum into your face is explained in the next paragraph. So if you are interested in this, keep reading!

  • Might indirectly reduce pimples and acne

While the jade roller cannot treat pimples, it can indirectly help reduce outbreaks. Massaging the face activates the production of certain sustenances that can help reduce outbreaks. 

Stress is one of the main causes of pimples. A jade roller calms your face and hopefully also calms your mind for a minute! 

jade roller amethyst rose quarz

How is a jade roller used? 

A good facial massage might solve the problems mentioned above. In this paragraph, we explain to you how to give your face a proper massage, by using the jade roller. 

For fast results, you can apply this massage one or even two times a day for a short period of time. If you want to include the jade roller in your regular beauty routine, you want to do this massage a few times a week. 

The massage

Step 1 – Clean your face from make-up and dirt. 

Step 2 – Steam your face briefly with a facial steamer or a warm washcloth. This will open your pores so cream or serum can penetrate deeper into the skin and work more effectively. 

Step 3 – Apply a serum or oil to your face. Don’t forget your neck. 

Step 4 – Use the longer side first. Place the roller in the middle of your chin and roll up, to your ear. Repeat this 6-10 times on both sides of the face. 

Step 5 – Place the roller in the middle of your forehead and roll down to your ear. Repeat this 6-10 times on both sides of the face. 

Step 6 – Now use the shorter side of the roller for the eye area. Close your eyes and roll from the inside of your eyes to the outside of your eyes. Just watch your lashes and don’t put too much pressure on your eyes. Repeat this 6-10 times per eye. 

Step 7 – Place the roller on your eyebrow, near your nose. Roll the jade roller from the inside to the outside of your brow. Repeat this 6-10 times per eyebrow.

Step 8 – To reduce crow’s feet, place the short end of the roller on the outside of your eye, and roll up and down a few times in quick motions. Don’t use too much pressure! Do this on both sides.

Step 9 – Now use the long side of the roller again. Lift your head back slightly and move the roller up and down your neck and jaw. You can use some pressure.

Don’t forget to clean your jade roller regularly to avoid a bacteria built-up. This is especially important if you use a face roller for pimples or acne. 

Tip: Store your jade roller in the fridge to keep it extra cool.

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