Keratin treatment pros and cons

keratin treatment pros cons

Keratin treatment refers to the chemical procedure which is done to make frizzy hair shiny and smooth. Any person who is interested in this treatment, he/she can get it at any salon.

A stylist will be able to apply a keratin product to the hair and then use a blow dryer to achieve the desired effects. The whole process can take about 2 hours depending on the hair length.

Pros of a keratin treatment

Easy styling

Hair which is treated using keratin becomes very easy to style. Therefore, you will not be required to apply any other products or heat so that you can soften it for easy styling. This minimizes chemical damage to the hair.

Also, this treatment can minimize the blow-drying time. You will not be required to apply a lot of heat to your hair daily. Through this, you can save a lot of time especially when you are rushing to attend any urgent issue.

Protection from environmental damage

Keratin treatment can act as a coat that prevents hair from being exposed to the harmful effects of air and direct sunlight. Your hair will be able to maintain its luster and shine since it will not be exposed to damaging effects of hot sun and air.

It’s is also able to smoothen cells that overlap and form hair strands. This implies that you will have less frizz and more manageable hair. Keratin treatment is good since it does not affect negatively your hair. If you apply it the gleam, thickness, and color of your hair will rarely be affected.


This treatment can open the bonds between the hair roots and follicles. It then used a pack of proteins on bonding back the roots. This implies your hair will have a much stronger bond with its roots.

Your hair will be able to stay healthy for a longer period. After treating your hair you will notice that your hair will no longer fall and you will feel that your hair is strong.

Can be applied to all kinds of hair

Even if you have a coarse, thin, wavy, and rocky curly hair, you can benefit from this treatment. It’s highly effective for color-treated hair and hair lengths. It’s effortless for you to transform your hairstyle through the straightening and shine-boosting effect of keratin.

You can easily revert to your original hair

When you apply this treatment, it does not mean it will stay forever. The good thing is that after a few months, your hair will revert to its original shape. Be assured that you will not lose the original texture of your hair.

Cons of a keratin treatment

Not recommended for pregnant women

Women who are pregnant are advised by medical experts not to undertake keratin treatment since it can affect not only their health but also that of the infant. This is because this treatment contains a chemical known as formaldehyde which can pose serious health issues.

Hard to maintain

It might be hard for you to avoid swimming and minimize washing your hair after applying this treatment. For instance, after getting the treatment you are supposed to wait about 4 days so that you can wash your hair.

Therefore, if you like washing your hair daily, then this treatment might not favor you. Also, it’s not recommended to swim in salt or chlorinated water since it can shorten the lifespan of this treatment.

Short lifespan

Keratin treatment lasts for a short period of about 2 to 4 months. Also, you will not be required to apply this treatment once rather you will be required to continuously apply it so that you can achieve the desired results. The continuous application makes keratin treatment to be very expensive.

If you continue to over-straighten your hair and expose it formaldehyde, you can make your hair to weaken and dry out. Thus, your hair will start to break and fall.

Risk of damage

The treatment must be administered by an experienced stylist to make it good and safe for you. If you approach a stylist who is not experienced, then you might get a risk of your hair being damaged.

This is because he/she might apply excessive heat during the treatment. This increases the quantity, which affects the results.


Since this treatment is made artificially, it can irritate the eyes and skin.

So keeping these pros and cons in mind, you can now make a well-informed decision on keratin treatments for your hair. Good luck and don’t forget to take good care of your hair!

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