Make-up for Turquoise Dress

Turquoise is a happy color that brings back youth. You might be wondering if your basic makeup is enough to wear with a turquoise dress. There are several ideas you can implement to make your features stand out and exude with makeup and clothing. Some of them are explained below.

Colors that match a turquoise dress

In general, these colors match a turquoise dress and can be used in your make-up.

Lip colors that match a turquoise dress:

  • Orange (bright and dark)
  • Red
  • Hot pink
  • Nude colors
  • Baby pink

Eyeshadow colors that match a turquoise dress:

  • Turquoise
  • Brown
  • Beige tones
  • Pink tones
  • Smokey/metallic eyes
  • Purple
  • Teal

Red carpet looks with a turquoise dress are often styled with a striking lipstick color and beautiful, natural-looking eyes. But of course, you could also choose to do a nude lipstick with metallic smokey eyes.


The foundation or makeup on your naked face depends on the type of look you are looking for. Start with a good, moisturizing scrub to keep it looking fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

With cooler blue tones, you can combine warm colors like red or dark orange, thus creating a warm look. The cooler tones of blue are greener, while the warmer blue tones are more purple.

For a warm look, start with a standard concealer pencil and cover all your blemishes, pimples, and dark circles.

Now choose a base tone more mysterious than the original sound. This gives your skin a warm, healthy glow and does not wash off in pictures. If you are naturally tanned, you can skip the base and try a tinted moisturizer or body butter. Seal the plate with mineral powder.

The cheeks

The cheeks should not be the center of your attention, but they are equally important. You can color the coordinated cheeks and lip color to take the color play to another level. Blue is generally a fresh color. After that, dressed in blue, the warm blush works well, because it prevents washing and unhealthy pallor. It would make pink blush your cheeks pink.

If you want a more summery look, try blush. To work with blush, put three small drops of blush powder in the center of the apple of the cheeks. With a broad circular brush, mix it with the skin in circular motions.

You can also try bronzer with a blue dress. Draw two small lines under the cheekbones with bronzing powder. Using the brush, mix it with the strokes up and toward the ear. Add a pearl shine by highlighting the texture of your face.

The eyes

Your eyes should talk a lot with an attractive blue dress. It would help if you remembered that female eyes work well with a robust gender-neutral color like blue.

Smoky metallic eyes with wingtips or cat eyes are some examples of classic eye makeup for a blue dress that works like magic.

 If you already have a dark blue color like dark blue, the mineral component in your eyes may be golden or champagne. However, if you are going to make your eyes a focal point, try reducing cheeks and your base to avoid the appearance of costumes.

If you use cool blue, try adding green or blue to your eyes. Likewise, the warm blue dress requires purple or teal. Although he is from the same family, the colors should not be the same shade.

How to apply eye make-up

Step 1 – Apply light-hued eye paint to the whole eyelid.

Step 2 – Presently take a darker shading and, with a stiff and calculated brush, apply it to the external edge of the V-formed eye to begin the feline’s eye shape.

Step 3 – Blend the shade toward the wrinkle and apply it to the inward corners. The medium ought to be lighter in tone.

Step 4 – To improve your appearance, utilize a warm, brilliant sparkle or a silver sparkle in the focal point of the eyelids. Spread the waterlines of the top and base spread with the eyeliner.

Step 5 – Using a hued or dark eyeliner, draw a line on the upper eyelid, finishing at the tip of the wing.

Step 6 – Give your lashes two layers of mascara.

On the off chance that you are going to contact your lip and make it a point of convergence, stay away from dramatic eye makeup. Utilize a light darker eye shadow or peach on your eyes and wind up adjusting your lashes to the kohl.

Finishing Up

To complete your look, use some makeup fixture tools. This will keep your look fresh for a long time. If you have a mineral powder sealant, you can apply it on your face for a glossy effect.

Who said you couldn’t make up well for the blue dress? With these simple blue dress tips, you will be amazed at your expected party! If you are the host or guest, you will leave people amazed!

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