Microblading vs. Tattooing Eyebrows

microblading vs tattooing eyebrows

So you want to keep your eyebrows sharp and beautiful and you want to know more about microblading and tattooing your eyebrows? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we tell you how both methods work, what the difference is, and what the similarities are. So you can pick which method suits you best!

How do both methods work?

Microblading is a popular tattooing technique that is used to deposit a semi-permanent pigment to the skin. Microblading has been around for some time now but it became very popular for the past 25 years, especially in Asia.

Also called “feather touch”, “embroidery”, and “hair-like strokes”, the technique includes a small handheld tool that’s made of several tiny needles. This eyebrow technique is used to not only create but also to reshape and enhance their appearance.

Tattooing eyebrows is a permanent way to get good eyebrows. Unlike the microblading, this cosmetic technique involves a tattoo ink and the effects last much longer.

While the microblading can last up to 6 months, eyebrow tattoos can last for more than a year. They are perfect for people who want to enhance or reshape their eyebrows for the long term and don’t want to redo them every once in a while.

What is the difference?

The main difference between tattoo piercing and microblading is that with the microblading, each hair stroke is done by hand using a blade that creates fine slices in the skin.

On the other hand, eyebrow tattoos are done with a specific machine and a single needle bundle. During the microblading, the artists draw each hairline while the tattoo artists use a machine. This machine can create a greater injury to the human skin.

With the microblading, there is less ink deposited under the skin, whereas in the tattooing eyebrows, the ink remains permanently on the skin and can’t be erased or wiped off. After microblading, the ink that’s placed in the dermis can move around over time and give a slighter appearance.

In the traditional tattooing, there is a lot of ink and that’s why the tattoo remains consistent. Overall, the ink can fade and disappear with time, while the ink after a tattoo remains there. Another reason why people prefer microblading is because it has a different kind of ink and it maintains its hue over time.

The same cannot be said for tattoos as they tend to turn brown or blue over time. In other words, with the tattoos, the color might change its hue whereas, with the microblading, the colors get lighter.

What are the similarities?

Although both of these cosmetic techniques are visibly meant to do the same thing, they have more differences than similarities. Perhaps the main similarity between microblading and the traditional eyebrow tattoos is that in both of these methods, hair strokes are drawn by ink.

During both of these procedures, there is a fine blade that’s used to create tiny incisions to the skin. A certain pigment is also used to blend into the brows so that the eyebrows can have a more enhanced or reshaped appearance.

What method looks more natural?

The microblading is considered to have more natural results than the traditional eyebrow tattoos. That is mainly because each hair stroke is drawn by the artists, whereas the tattoo artists use a specific machine and the results might seem a little too overdrawn.

Most people believe that the tattooed eyebrows have a more sharpie look, while the hair strokes are drawn with microblading feel as if they’re blending in just right with the eyebrows’ natural hair.

What method stays longer?

The most frequently asked question between microblading vs tattooing eyebrows is which method stays longer. The eyebrow tattoos are permanent. After the ink is tattooed onto the skin it lasts forever, although it might fade after a few years.

This is perhaps the biggest difference between the two techniques, as the results of the microblading last approximately 6 months. While eyebrows that have been done with microblading might require a touch up every year, the tattooed eyebrows last longer.

What is more painful?

Getting a tattoo, regardless of the location is painful. However, getting a tattoo on the face is even more painful because that’s a very sensitive area. That is the main reason why people prefer to get microblading because the cosmetic technique involves less discomfort.

Most of the microblading artists also numb the brow area with lidocaine before the treatment which makes it less hurtful. Most of the patients who prefer microblading often describe it as similar to tweezing.

Final word

So there are a lot of differences and similarities between the two. I hope that you have enough information to choose what is the right method for you and your brows!

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