Pear Shape vs. Hourglass Shape


There is a lot of talk about body shape and how to best dress for your body in today’s world. But what if you don’t know how to determine or define your body shape or how to dress to best enhance that shape?

Some body figures are similar by description so many people can become confused as to how to define themselves or how to purchase clothes that will look as good on them as they do on the rack. For instance, what is the difference between a pear shape and an hourglass shape? The shapes are similar by definition but the type of clothes that look best on each of these figures is vastly different.

The differences

Both the pear and the hourglass shape feature a small waist and wider hips, but the most distinct difference between the two is the size of the bust.

A pear-shaped person usually features smaller breasts and waist, but a wider bottom half. With the top being relatively small and transitioning into a wider bottom, the body takes on the shape of a pear.

An hourglass figure, which is often thought to be the most desirable, also features a smaller waist that transitions into larger hips. The difference between this body shape and the pear is that an hourglass-shaped woman will also have larger breasts. This balanced look of the heavier top, smaller waist, and wider hip makes the body resemble an hourglass, hence the name of this body type. Ideally, the measurement of the woman’s bust will equal the measurement of her hips.

Any body shape can be attractive. It is fairly easy to enhance your body’s best assets through your fashion choices no matter what type of shape you have.

Tips for pear shape

  • For instance, those with a pear-shaped body can help to visually balance their body by wearing bright colored tops that are meant to draw the eyes’ attention.
  • Drawing the eye to the upper body will help to visually balance the heavier bottom half.
  • Wearing dark-colored pants will also help to slim the bottom half of the body.
  • Straight-leg pants or a pant that is flared at the ankle can also trick the eye into seeing the body as more evenly proportioned.

Tips for hourglass shape

  • Those with an hourglass figure can also dress to look their best.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that adds extra fabric to either your hips or your bust. Ruffles, for instance, might give a romantic look to your blouse, but they will also make your bust look bigger and therefore throw off the proportion of your body.
  • Wearing horizontal stripes on either your bust or hip line will also make these areas appear wider and throw off the proportion.
  • Try to wear clothes that emphasize your small waist such as dresses with an empire waist.
  • Wearing a cropped jacket or sweatshirt will also draw attention to your narrow waist.

Final word

No matter what your body shape is, you can look great and feel confident if you wear clothes that enhance your best assets. We all know that confidence and self-esteem come from within, but it is nice to wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and help you to appreciate your beautiful body, no matter what its’ shape.

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