What Color Clothes Bring Out Hazel Eyes?

Hazel eyes are unique and beautiful and sometimes hard to explain. Some hazel eyes look more brown or green while others have somewhat of a blue or even gold hue. No matter the specific hue of your hazel eyes you will want to be mindful of the clothing items you choose to wear. Want to make those beautiful hazel eyes pop? There are several colors you can wear that will help to enhance your eyes.

color hazel eyes

Some people think that hazel eyes can change color with moods or temperature. What is actually happening is that the eyes are not changing color but are reflecting light in different conditions. Hazel eyes can also reflect nearby colors. Therefore, if you want your hazel colored eyes to appear more brown, wear a rich chocolate brown colored top. And if you want to give your eyes more of a green hue, wear a green top. The same concept works with dark gray, gold and blue too.

Natural colors

Generally speaking, hazel eyes look amazing when complimented with browns, shades of gray and other earthy tones. Dark neutrals look good with hazel colored eyes because the deep, darker colors help to enhance the appearance of the melanin in the eyes. The amount of melanin in an eye is what gives the iris color and hazel eyes have a fair amount of this dark pigment.

Warm colors

Want to add a little fire to your look? Wearing gold or copper colors will help to bring out any gold toned flex of color in your eyes. Orange will also help to bring out these lighter colored, warm tones in your eyes. Why? Hazel and other green tones are next door neighbors to the yellow family on the color wheel. Bright, warm colors like yellow, orange and gold will reflect against the eye to highlight any lighter tones in the iris.

Pink and purples

If you really make your hazel eyes standout, you can not go wrong wearing deep burgundy, purple or dark, rich tones of pink. If you look at a color wheel, red and purple tones are opposite of the green color family. This means they are complimentary colors and will really make your hazel eye color pop. Just like in interior design, art and other creative fields, using complementary colors will make a big impact because of the high contrast.

What colors to avoid

What colors should you avoid wearing if you have hazel colored eyes? It is generally felt that lighter colors will not enhance hazel colored eyes. Blues and light gray colored tops should also be avoided. These colors will not enhance hazel eyes but are likely to make them look dull and lackluster.

The deep and rich colors of fall will be the best bet for enhancing your hazel eyes. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make your eyes pop during spring, where pastel colored clothing dominate. Choosing richer and deeper colored clothes, even in spring, will help highlight your eyes best. If you are determined to wear pastels, use earth toned eye shadows to help make your eyes stand out.

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