What Hair Color Makes Green Eyes Pop?

What color makes green eyes pop

A recent study discovered that men and women rate a person’s eyes as the single most important facial feature they evaluate when looking for a potential partner. If you have green eyes, then you should pay especially close attention.

Green eyes are extremely rare, reflecting only 2% of the world’s population, so, naturally, it is very important that you take steps to draw attention to this part of your face.

A straightforward and well-known beauty hack for accentuating green eyes is to focus on specific color schemes for your makeup. Most people initially jump to eye makeup as the best solution, so if you are one of them don’t be ashamed.

However, what most people do not know is that that there is a much more powerful feature to focus on to emphasize your eye color. That feature is your hair! So,

what hair color makes green eyes pop?

The good news is that green eyes work well with a wide range of colors. This does not mean that every person with green eyes will most effectively bring out the facial feature with the same color and shade.

The perfect match for you will depend largely on your personal skin tone and the shade of green specific to your eyes. Specifically, whether or not your eyes have a hazel undertone or a cooler blue / grey undertone, and whether your skin is cool (fair) or warm (bronzed).

Let’s go over some of the top colors and shades, accounting for various skin and eye color tones, to help identify exactly what hair color makes green eyes pop for you.

Green Eyes: Hazel Undertones, Skin: Cool

Given that your green eyes have hazel undertones, you are best suited with picking a hair color that is very warm. The most flattering hair color for you if you also have fair skin is brown, particularly a warmer tone like golden brown or a darker rich shade.

If you want to do something even more unique, you could opt for a shade of maroon that has a lot of warm depth to it.

Green Eyes: Cool Blue / Gray Undertones, Skin: Cool

For a person with cool blue / gray undertones and fairer skin, the best hairstyle to choose will also be a cooler color. The good news is that with this skin tone and eye color combination, you can opt for a more intense color as a highlighter on top of your base to contrast your skin undertones.

The ideal base color for you is ashy blonde. This color will bring out the lighter undertones of your eyes and make them pop even more on your fair skin tone.

Green Eyes: Hazel Undertones, Skin: Warm

For this complementary color duo, think Tyra Banks. If you have green eyes with hazel undertones and warm skin, then the best hair color for you is a deep brown shade with hints of auburn and mahogany.

You want to always go with a shade of brown that complements your hazel undertone and warm skin, which means avoiding any really ashy or cooler hair colors.

Green Eyes: Cool Blue / Gray Undertones, Skin: Warm

Red is an excellent choice for you if you have warm skin with a hint of olive undertone and green eyes that are not hazel. Copper shades or darker red colors will be a much better choice for your skin tone than a color with blue or green bases such as ashy blonde. Note how this is different than for someone with your same eye color undertone but cool skin.

Once you have decided on the color and exact tone that works best with your skin shade, head to your nearest salon and inform your stylist of what you want. Make sure to bring examples of the shade you are aiming for from online to give your stylist, even more, to work off of.

Following your hair color adjustment, prepare to be amazed by the number of compliments you receive not just about your hair, but also about your green eyes.

If compliments alone are not enough to convince you, it’s also worth mentioning that in the same research study mentioned earlier, a person’s hair was found to be the second most important feature that people evaluate when looking for a partner.

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