What Shoes to Wear with a Summer Dress?

A dress is one of the most popular pieces of clothing for summer. Put on a dress and your outfit is complete! Well… almost. You still have to pick the right shoes to complete your outfit. Some find this to be a difficult choice. 

Flipflops can make the outfit casual and are not suitable for your job. Heels might make your outfit too girly and sexy for your taste. I’ve picked some options that work great with a summer dress. I used the same dress over and over, so you can see how the right shoes can change your entire look. 

I’m sorry to have to say that I didn’t write down the brands of the products I mention in this article. But they are last season so probably they are not being sold anymore anyway. Sorry! 🙂 But I hope it will give you lots of inspiration. 

Sneakers and a dress

Sneakers create a very casual and sporty look, even when combined with a summer dress. On top of that, they are soooo comfortable. 

If you think white sneakers are too flashy, pick black sneakers with a white sole. 

Sneakers are always the right option. They look good and feel good. They are also a very good option for women who don’t usually wear dresses because they are a little too feminine for their taste. Sneakers make the outfit more relaxed and less girly. 

Biker boots and a dress

For the badass women out there, this is a great option. These biker boots are also suitable for the cooler spring or fall days. A pro: you can wear your boyfriend’s warm socks without anyone seeing them. 

Biker boots are also very cute for a party or festival. You can dance all day without getting sore feet and without the fear of stepping into a broken glass (something that can happen with wearing open shoes). 

White ankle boots and a dress

White ankle boots are super on-trend right now! They are a great alternative to bulky, biker boots. So if you are a girly girl, this might be more your taste. 

Although some people find this trend still a little bit too flashy and scary, these are super cute when combined with a summer dress!

They can even be worn during fall or winter, just pick a pair with a black sole and combine them with a dark-colored dress. If you’re not afraid to stand out, combine them with a pantyhose with print or texture. 

Beige sandals with a dress

Sandals (with or without heels) in a nude, beige or blush color fit perfectly with almost any outfit! 

They make a summer dress look super cute and feminine. Combine your dress with a high heeled sandal for a party look or a date. 

Pick a flat sandal if you have to walk a lot, or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels. 

Loafers with a dress

Loafers are back in business! After being absent for a long time. Loafers are very comfortable and look great when combined with a summer dress. 

I chose to combine this look with a flashy, gold/bronze loafer with studs. Of course, you can also opt for a standard black, nude or navy loafer. 

Loafers make your outfit look chic. You can create the “rich girl” look with these shoes, but also the “French girl” or “Boat girl”. 

Final word

A lot of shoes match perfectly with a summer dress. I hope this article gives you some ideas and you can work with this. Good luck and have a nice day! 

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