What Shoes to Wear With Flared Pants

The flared pants are back in business after years of being absent. Flared pants are pants that are tighter around the waist and upper legs and flared at the bottom. 

Flared pants are available in many different colors and fabrics. From denim to soft, stretchy fabrics and from uni colors to bold prints. BUT WAIT.. What shoes do you wear with flared pants? 

Today, the trend is to wear flared pants that go all the way down to your toes, OR wear the pants 7/8. With 7/8 the pants stop above the ankles. With this option, the shoes you wear are very important. 

Sandals with flared pants

During spring and summer, it is very nice to wear open shoes like sandals with your flared pants. These can be sandals with a feisty 3,5-inch heel or flat sandals. 

You can style sandals very classy by combining the outfit with a beautiful blouse. Nude, beige or blush sandals give your look an instantly chic and feminine feel.  

You can also make it a very cool look by combining black sandals with a white or black T-shirt and a black, leather jacket. You can choose sandals with studs to make your shoes the eye-catcher. 

Sneakers with flared pants

Another great option is sneakers. During summer you can choose white sneakers or pastel or neon-colored sneakers. During winter, you can opt for black sneakers or khaki sneakers. 

Make the look more feminine by choosing smaller, cut sneakers. Or make a statement combining it with big, chunky sneakers. 

Ankle boots with flared pants

The perfect option for colder days: ankle boots. A pro, you can wear grandpa’s warm socks and no one will notice!

Want to create a sexy look? Style your flared pants with some high heeled, black ankle boots and a silk blouse or lace top. 

You can also combine your flared pants with biker boots and a T-shirt. Add a leather jacket if the temperature isn’t that great. 

Create some Boho vibes by combining flared pants with cowboy boots and a white or cream, lacey top. 

Are flared pants still in style in 2020?

This is a frequently asked question. The answer is YES. You will see a lot of flared pants in 2020.

Not only flared pants that reach all the way to our toes, but also flared pants in a 7/8 variant and even flared Bermuda pants (not sure what to think about that one yet.)

You will see a lot of denim flared pants and pants with heavier fabrics, but also pants in soft, summer fabrics. Flared pants made out of velvet or ribbed fabrics, linen fabrics and even sheer or lace fabrics. Uni colors, but also pants with flashy prints. Black colors, nude and white colors, but also neon and pastel colors. There are no limits! So go wild with this piece! 

Final word

We hope this will give you some ideas. Personally, I love all three looks! But the third look is my favorite. In general, you can wear all sorts of shoes with flared pants. But these are our favorite options. 

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