What to Wear to Look Thinner in Pictures?

how to look thinner in pictures

Are you not feeling very comfortable in your own skin right now? The right clothes can give self-confidence a push.

Below are the best tricks on how to look thinner with the right clothes! Sometimes it’s just tricky. There are these days when our body feeling plays a trick on us. Let’s not kid ourselves, and we can actually all be satisfied with our bodies.

But some days you just don’t feel comfortable. The right clothes can help you to feel better yourself. With which fashion tricks you can stage yourself.

Flared pants

Wear the best-flared pants made of light stretch material without many applications on the front.

Besides, your pants should not be pleated at the front, as this makes the hips look fuller. A slightly stretchy material caresses your curves, and a slightly flared leg makes the hips and thighs look a little narrower.

Choose pants in dark colors such as black, gray, or dark blue, because they make you particularly slim.

Dark colors and vertical stripes

No matter what you wear, if you want to look thinner, dark colors are always a good idea. If you like patterns, vertical stripes are your best friends.

You can also wear other designs, but they should be dark and not too big. Avoid horizontal lines, almost everyone looks thicker than he is.

Mix the pattern correctly

You should only wear flowers, checks, or graphic designs where you are the slimmest. If you are narrow at the top and a little broader around the hips, the pattern belongs upwards.

If you have large breasts and thin hips, you can still wear a patterned skirt. It is most advantageous if you combine black or dark colors.

The right bag!

Mini bags do not fit a massive body, and they make the figure look huge. Bags that are too large, also, look far too bulky. Therefore, it is best to choose a medium size, so you are right.

Inserts for the dream figure

Black fabric inserts on the sides conjure you up straight and slim because dark surfaces always appear optically. So first, you only look at the narrow, bright part.

Optimal cuts

Even if you have a few curves too many, you don’t have to hide them under big things. Such usually looks boxy and even lusher. Already wear figure-hugging things, but not too tight.

Beware of rope!

The thick cardigan in a light tweed look is nice and warm. Unfortunately, it is super and makes the figure extra chubby! Better: a dark ribbed cardigan with lapels and longitudinal ribs – it cuts a much narrower figure.

Blazer in top shape

Blazers are figure lovers in every cut. But make them extremely slim if they have the following thin details:

  • Single-breasted look narrower than double-breasted.
  • The longer the blazer, the more you can hide underneath.
  • Vertical stripes are cheap anyway.
  • Long narrow lapels stretch the torso and neck.

Don’t be afraid of quilting

Padded things are timelessly beautiful, but they are very bulky. The quilt is only cheap: wear black under a gaudy quilted vest and emphasize the waist with a belt.

Choose quilted jackets as long as possible. Longitudinal quilting is better than transverse quilting. They only look good when the coat fits, and the stitching at the waist gets tighter.

Better to only buy lightly padded clothes and no full skirts, these are the absolute fattening agents!

Nice for sports

Stay away from neon colors! Dark sports suits are better. As eye-catchers and pops of color, bright vertical stripes are great, and they also make you slim.

Very important: The things must not sit too tight or even pinch, that makes you fatter and takes away the joy of moving.

Try a long cardigan or jacket to lengthen your torso.

 Shorter cardigans and blazers up to the waist mostly shorten the body optically a little while longer ones that go over the hip simulate a longer upper body.

You can wear solid colors or patterns of any color with a dark, solid color dress or a combination of a skirt and blouse or shirt and pants.

A wide belt makes you look narrower.

If you like to wear belts, a wide belt can make you look narrower because it covers most of your hips. Small belts make the hips look fuller, wide belts make them thinner. A stretch belt hugs the waist attractively. Wide straps look good with dresses, blouses and skirts and shirts and pants, but also with almost any other outfit.

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