Which Hairstyle is Best for Your Bodytype?

When you’re looking forward to getting a hairstyle with a great appearance, you must make sure that it goes well with your body shape and type as well. 

What you’ve got beneath your neck is quite vital as a consideration for your hairstyle similarly to the shape of your face and the natural texture of your hair. Considering how well your hair works in respect to your body would be quite vital to get the best possible appearance. In this regard, a professional hairstylist does the job well upon consulting while providing you with a cape. We’ve listed ‘what to try’ and ‘what not to’ for common types of figures.


Body type: full and curvy

What to try – It’s good to try a medium length and layered cut. Angled length helps in camouflaging any additional pounds. To complement the curves, it’s best to try bangs and side parts.

What not to: It’s better to never have hairstyles with hair that remains close to head and is short, in opposite spectrum, full and long. Also, you shouldn’t try on any styles of round shape such as a shoulder-length style, which is curly with additional width and height as these aren’t meant for you.

Body type: Aesthetic and tall appearance

What to try – You can do some experiments with a few hairstyles for seeing what can flatter the texture of your hair and the shape of your face. A lot of hairstyles would go well with your body type.  

What not to: It’s better to avoid the conventional ponytail standby – and instead save that later for your gym appearance. You can flatter your appearance with feminine and soft styles while adding a little length and hair wave as well.

Body type: Petite

What to try – It’s better to keep your hair smooth, loose and neat to get a sleek and professional appearance. You can try on hairs with short and medium-length while adding angles, layers, and a little height at the head top.

What not to – It’s better not to try extremes. The short hair makes the head appear small, and long hair simply overpowers the appearance of your body. Also make sure to stay away from any style that falls in the category of “cute” such as pigtails, high ponytails, braids and also like.

Body type: Full-figured

What to try – Ladies with full figure appear fabulous with cuts for balancing the bottom and the top of your body. Soft curls with a medium length can simply appear quite flattering. If you’ve got thick hair it’s better to ask the hairstylist to take out a little volume while keeping the layers on the razor. Trying out a little bit straighter, while keeping gentle wave, and also pulling out hair back from the face is also a little slimming. If you’re thinking of going a little shorter, it’s best to try on to keep the length between shoulder and chins.

What not to – Shorter hairstyles, and long cuts, can simply accent a few features that you might wish to restrain. For instance, shorter pixie cut provides space for rounder face and short neck. With longer hair, you get the same effect, especially when the hair is thick and you’re quite short.

Generally, styles considered as “big hair” won’t be the best possible option.

Body Type – Hourglass and round or oval face

What to try – For women with longer hair keeping long fringes with deep partings as sides provide an aesthetic appearance. Here texture accompanied with layers would be your best friend! When you’re tucking the hair behind your ear it’s best to leave little hairs to get a tangled appearance.

Hair of shorter length: It’s always best to make sure to leave fringes (with added texture). Products that you should have: A necessary styling product to have is hair wax. Body types of hourglass appearance require balance from the bottom to top and with spray wax, the hair gets quick texture whenever it’s necessary.

What not to – straight hair accentuates curvy bodies, so these should be avoided.

Body type: Inverted Triangle

What to try – Women with such body type have facial features normally with angles (triangle, diamond, and square)

For long hair, you can add on lots of layers, especially while beginning at the jawline. Think of layers of choppy jaw lengths. The style has to be airy and light instead of being thick and heavy! For the shorter hair, you can get a good appearance with chin-length bob.

What not to – It’s better to completely avoid strong bangs for your hair

Body type: Rectangle Shape

What to try – While a fringe can be considered for the body type, it’s better to try shattered and airy soft lines. The fringe that is swept on sides provides the best possible appearance.

If you look out for shorter looks, having long bobs has frames available with the best shape. For longer hair types, layers that begin below your jawline are ideal for complimenting the shape of your face.

What not to – For the rectangle body type ladies with facial shapes of square and sharp lines, it’s best to stay away from heavy lines, strong shapes, and angles.

You must be sure to consult the stylist but you should remember to consider the body type while you’re deciding on the right ways to cut the hair!

Body type: tall with an athletic appearance

What to try – Tall women that flaunt an athletic appearance goes well with almost all types of hair. Anything can look good such as short, long, straight, wavy or anything for which your mood calls for. But even if you haven’t narrowed down on one, it would be good to go for a hairstyle that would complement well with the texture and thickness of your hair.

While versatility might confuse you a lot, another thing that can be taken into consideration to guide you to get the right style would be the face of your shape.

What not to – If you’ve got broader shoulders, it’s better to accent these with a short cut, especially for a small bust. You develop a risk of appearing more masculine and less feminine, so it would be better to keep this in your mind. A long cut would help in softening the shoulder hair and the total appearance.

Hiding large ears

What to try – Some features are also restrained by women as well. Among those are larger ears as a lot of women are in habit of tucking hair behind ears.

So if you’ve got a feeling that you’ve got a little bit bigger ears than you want, it’s better to have hairstyles that cover them. It’s better to go for cuts that do this naturally and breaking habit of hair tuck.

What not to – shorter hairstyles with bangs wouldn’t work well here.

As hair plays an essential role in your overall appearance it must be styled with perfection and care. With all these tips you can flaunt a lovely appearance regardless of what body or face type you’d have. Also in this regard, some experiments might be recommended while it’s best to completely stay away from others.

Hiding a large forehead

What to try – Women with higher hairlines who feel that their foreheads are larger than usual must go with bangs as these are the best solutions for such purpose and this complement well to provide a trendy and stylish appearance. It’s better to for a blunt and sleek cut or just simply go for a sexy side-sweep (that hides ears).

What not to – Straight, chic and long don’t go well with large foreheads

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